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Life is meant to be enjoyed.  In a perfect world it would be great if we all could go buy whatever we wanted when we wanted it, but we CAN’T.  So what do 50% of Americans lack?  They lack a solid financial plan to help guide them while making financial decisions.


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The main areas of financial planning that can be covered are…

Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

A budget can help you eliminate wasteful spending, provide a road-map through visual accountability of dollars to be spent, reduce overall stress and accelerate financial goals. We’ll create your personal budget tailored to your financial obligations and personal lifestyle. The finished budget includes all of your monthly obligations, saving goals, and debt pay-down assumptions, allowing you to clearly see the time frame for paying off all debts.

  • Do you struggle to set aside money every month for cash reserves/emergency fund?
  • Are you not saving and investing money because you don’t know what to do with excess cash flow?
  • Have you recently combined homes with your spouse/significant other and need help devising a plan on how to be mutually beneficial?
  • Has it been daunting trying to determine which debt to pay down first?


Credit Management

The United States Federal Reserve releases statistics every year on Credit Card debt and as of July 2014 the Total US Credit card debt was $793 billion and the Average Credit Card debt per household was $15,800.  Credit can be one of the most frustrating and difficult financial instruments for individuals and businesses to understand and manage.  We not only educate on how to use credit we help you increase your credit core and maintain an excellent credit score.  A stronger credit score means less interest you pay to borrow money which leaves more money for you to save or spend.

  • Are you confused on what the abbreviations and terms mean on your credit report?
  • Have you seen discrepancies on your credit report but did not know the best way to dispute them?
  • Do you want to know what and how your credit score can increase in weeks?
  • Has it been daunting trying to determine which debt to pay down first?


Investment Management

One of the most effective and advantageous ways to create and grow your wealth is to make sound investment decisions.  We recognize at Capital Connoisseur Group, investing is the hurdle that most individuals and businesses struggle to get over her.  True wealth will never be created by investing in a bank account!

  • Are you invested in an Employee Sponsored Program/ Mutual Fund and never look at your statement because it doesn’t make sense?
  • Have you never began investing because you think it takes a lot of money to start?
  • Are you curious as to how to invest in the stock market but never knew anyone who could teach you?
  • Does Real Estate investing interest you?


Insurance Planning

A study completed in 2013 showed 85% of consumers agreed that most people need life insurance, yet just 62% say they have it.  Income Protection (Insurance) is one of the least thought about financial matters.  No one ever expects to become terminally and be left with 6 months to live, yet we have to plan for all of life’s unfortunate events.

  • Has the question always risen of how much income protection do I need?
  • Is Whole Life or Term best for you?
  • Are you wondering what does the deductible and co-pay go towards?


Estate Planning

Finances are difficult enough to discuss with family or friends without the loss of a loved one being involved.  We assist in helping individuals and families protect their assets with proper planning and preparation for an unexpected occurrence.

  • Have you acquired assets throughout your lifetime that you would like to distributed and handled in a specific manner?
  • Do you need a will/ living trust?
  • Is there a Power of Attorney or Guardian in place?


Tax Planning and Analysis

Income Tax laws change yearly by the Federal Government.  There could be changes on deductions, write-offs, and limits.  Theoretically, if you are over paying your taxes in a given calendar year, you are ultimately providing the government with an interest-free loan! Our tax analysis provides the information required to make the appropriate changes with your federal and state exemptions in order to maximize income.

  • Are you unfamiliar with what needs to be done so that you receive a tax refund and not a tax bill?
  • Do you wonder what and how certain life events will affect your income taxes?
  • Are you unclear on what to do with your tax return if you receive one?


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